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Children Learn By Doing. Hands on activities are the cornerstone of learning and foster a child’s imagination.

6 Weeks to 12 Months
Our Infant center is made up of a team of dedicated caregivers that create individualized care for your child based on your child’s specific needs and schedule. The infant area is a clean and secure setting with age appropriate toys to aid in reaching those infant year milestones.

12 Months to 37 Months
The toddler program is designed to satisfy the fast and curious children as they enter toddler years. The areas designated for the toddlers are spacious and equipped with age appropriate toys. Structured activities such as circle time begin in the toddler area. Incorporating STEM curriculum, the children begin to develop fine motor and gross motor skills in this area.

37 Months to 5 Years
The preschool program is created to provide stimulate learning activities that are hands-on and inquiry based. Children work, learn and play in various settings such as large group, small group and as individuals. The instructional environment allows the children to develop decision making skills, work collaboratively and problem solve with peers. In the preschool area, reading strategies and basic mathematic skills are part of the daily activities.

5-12 for before/after school and summer childcare
The before/after school program provides a safe atmosphere where children and grow and play. A variety of activities are provided to stimulate your child’s creativity and imagination. Summer childcare programs involve a number of field trips to enrich your child’s experience.


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